Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bright Idea: Main Idea Scavenger Hunt

Friends~Here it is again!  Our April Bright Ideas blog post linky party!  As always, you are going to find a ton of awesome ideas.  Today I am going to share with you how my kiddos have been practicing main idea.  

I was brainstorming with my teammate about how we could make this more engaging.  Check out the fun that we came up with.  
A Main Idea Scavenger HUNT!

Yep!  We sure did write main ideas on sentence strips and made students wear them as hats.  We sure did write details on smaller strips for wrist bands.  The best part was, we hid all the main ideas and details in our 2 classrooms. The students were set off to hunt for either a main idea or a detail.  The details had to find their main idea and the main idea had to find their details.  
It was so cool to see them thinking through the process.  Matching the details was tricky.  We purposely wrote details that could possible go with a main idea but one word made it not work.  
See the example below. 
My kiddos got a bit mixed up because they wanted to put the detail you might get hurt with the recess main idea.  
I had to explain that you could get hurt at recess but it doesn't support the main idea that recess is fun.  

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

2nd Grade Weather Science

Friends~Check out our 2nd Grade Weather Science fun!  It feels like forever since I have had the time to blog about my kiddos.  I promised them that I would share this super fun science experiment that we did with wind and clouds.  

I like to call it: On Your Mark, Get Set, BLOW!  It is pretty simple.  I pass out straws, cotton balls, and tape measures.  We head outside if it is not windy or into the hallway.  We got lucky yesterday.  So outside we went.  
2nd Grade Weather Science, The Schroeder Page
Check out this science fun!  As I reflect on this lesson,  I am floored at how many content areas we covered. First science, but not just weather, force and motion too.  The students had to blow their clouds (cotton balls) with a variety of strengths of wind.  They MEASURED the distance their clouds traveled.  Hello MATH!  They recorded the data while also cooperating with each other to complete the task. 
Here are my kiddos in action below!  
We then of course had to analyze our data and find a way to represent it.  As a class, we decided to create a line plot to show our longest distances by groups of 10.  2nd Grade Weather Science, The Schroeder Page
We also working on arrays in math and we created some pretty fun cloud arrays to hang in the hall.  I forgot to grab a picture so I will have to add it tomorrow.  

Check out our Cloud Flip books too!  They go perfectly with The Cloud Book by Tomie DePola! 
All of these weather activities are in my Weather Unit if you are interested.    
2nd Grade Weather Science, The Schroeder Page

2nd Grade Weather Science, The Schroeder Page2nd Grade Weather Science, The Schroeder Page


Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Cleaning Sale!

Friends~Calling all!  I am hooking up with some awesome bloggers and hosting a Spring Cleaning Sale on TPT.  It is a great time to grab some great items from your favorite sellers! 
Be sure to check out my Spring Favorites below!      Just give the pictures a quick click and you will be on your way!

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Science:Raising Butterflies

Friends~I love teaching Spring science with butterflies. It is one of the most amazing learning opportunities that you can give your kiddos about life cycles. Raising Butterflies is super easy to do.  Follow along and I will show you some of my very favorite activities!
The first thing you will need to do is order your babies!
I usually order Painted Lady Caterpillars.  You can click the picture to check out the Insect Lore Kit I have used in the past. 
This kit has everything that you need. 
 (You will have to order the caterpillars with the included certificate after you get your kit.)  
Check out some of my other favorite butterfly products by clicking HERE!
Here are the projects that my kiddos work on while we wait for the babies to hatch. 
Stage 1: We use a cut out of a leaf and an egg carton.  It is the perfect shape because it mimics the reticulation that are present on the egg. 
 Stage 2: Hot glue some gummy worms to card stock and let your little learners label the caterpillar's body parts.  
 Stage 3: Grab some cotton for the button and crumble a small rectangle of green construction paper.  In the past,  I have hot glued a stick to the card stock to attach the button too. 
Stage 4: Make water color butterflies with coffee filters and pipe cleaners. (Simply have your students water color the coffee filters.  Let them dry and pinch the centers.  Twist a pipe cleaner around the pinch. )

Take a quick peek at what our caterpillars look like just before they head into the pupa state!

Sure hope you give one or all of these ideas a shot.  It really is an amazing process and your kiddos will love it! 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bright Idea: Personal Slates

Friends~So I have a HUGE and I mean HUGE collection of folders from past years.  I have been trying to figure out just what to do with them. I love saving money and paper in my classroom.  This is what I came up with. 
1.Take one folder with prongs. 
2. Add one plastic sheet protector.  
3. Slide in a sheet of copy paper.
4. Add dry erase markers and that's it!
(I hot glued pom poms to the sides as erasers.  I never wanted to hot glue to the tops because then my students couldn't put the tops on the markers when they were working.  The sides work perfectly!)
 These babies have transformed my classroom.  My kiddos used tons of notebook paper and composition books in the past.  I was constantly drowning in PAPER!
With these slates, my students are able to respond to our classroom lessons easily and without excess paper.  
Plus: My students are crazy about them!
I have students that I have struggled to get to participate writing on their slates to answer questions during our lessons. WHAT?????????
They are portable so my kiddos take them everywhere! 
Check out some of the places our personal slates have gone in just a week's time!

Check out another Bright Idea all about with Sandy Patterson over at Soaring Through Second Grade.  
Whiteboard Adhesive Table!
Soaring Through Second


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Math Problem Solving Scavenger Hunt

Friends~Are your kiddos having trouble with Problem Solving?
Mine are!  I have been racking my brain to find ways for my students to look at a word problem and understand how to solve it. 
I have created the following videos to support them in the process. 
The next one is on double digit subtraction. Another tricky topic in 2nd grade. 

Both have helped but I think today's Problem Solving Scavenger Hunt was a home run!
Here is how it all went down.  My teammate and I created 10 different word problems and wrote them on sentence strips.  We numbered the backs of the sentence strips from 1-10.  We then scattered them throughout our 2 classrooms.  The students were then numbered 1-10.  
Once they were numbered, we passed out the Problem Solving Scavenger Hunt sheet below. 
The groups then headed out to locate all of the sentence strips that went with their problem.  They worked to solve the problem in their group by filling out the form above.  Give it a click to download a FREE copy from my Facebook Fan Page under Facebook Freebies!  
Once the form was completed, they worked to solve the problem on the back.  Each student had their own strategy.  We shared at the end and I was amazed at how much the students learned from each other.  
Check out one of our groups working to find the extra information in their word problem. 

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