Sunday, October 19, 2014

Christopher Columbus and Ship Races

Friends~I can't wait to share about our Christopher Columbus week in class!  We had the best time learning all about his travels.  

We started with a mysterious delivery of a scroll that lead us on an adventure through some landforms on our school grounds.  (The blue islands are our outside lunch tables.)
Christopher Columbus and Ship Races from The Schroeder Page
We found a box marked with a red X!  Inside was a book all about Christopher Columbus.  We read the book and watched this video.  
This is one of my favorite books about Christopher Columbus!  Give it a click to order it on Amazon!
Christopher Columbus and Ship Races from The Schroeder Page
We also wrote about his life using this awesome file from my friend Katie Knight from Teacher to the Core!  I just love her stuff and so do my kiddos!  
We made maps of the new world!  They turned out totally awesome and it was such a great connection to our mapping unit last week!
Christopher Columbus and Ship Races from The Schroeder Page
The best is yet to come!  We created these fun glyph sailor hats in class!  We added adjectives and the year Columbus sailed to the new world to our hats. The students followed my directions from the glyph to complete the rest.  
Christopher Columbus and Ship Races from The Schroeder PageChristopher Columbus and Ship Races from The Schroeder Page

Grab a free copy of the glyph HERE

We also created our own ships to race to the new world!  It was so much fun.  My teammate had the idea of using foam for the boats.  It worked perfectly.  We used a toothpick and a plastic bag for the sail.  
Check out my kiddos practicing with some force and motion in the classroom.  
Then we took them outside!  My teammate and I used large baking tins from the dollar store.  We added start to one side and land to the other.  We divided our classes into groups of 4.  The groups each had a tin.  They used straws to blow their boats to the land and when they reached the land they shouted Land Ho!  It was SOOOOO much fun! 

I even got in on the races!  Thanks to our Kindergarten friends that came and cheered us on!  
Christopher Columbus and Ship Races from The Schroeder Page

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Math Workshop & More

Friends~Today I am sharing some of our Math Workshop activities.  I have been crazy busy getting my classroom moved and learning a new grade level~curriculum.  It feels good to be back at the keyboard blogging again!

This week in first grade we focused on number bonds.  We may be a bit behind the eight ball due to our delayed start.  (Construction!) 

My kiddos loved this decomposing activity.  I grabbed 2 different colored plates.  I gave partners one pink plate and 2 green plates.  They got to scoop out chips for their whole.  They counted their whole and started their number bond.  Then they separated their whole into parts and finished the bond.  I love how this activity is easily differentiated. Many groups started with small numbers and then moved to larger numbers.  
Math Workshop and More; The Schroeder Page
Check out their personal slates
 They love them!  
I also ordered this HUGE hundreds grid from Zulily.   My students loved working with the inflatable dice and frames for before and after. Some students were even counting up and back by 10! 
Math Workshop and More; The Schroeder Page
Unifix cubes are a big hit in class this year!  I added them to our math workshop centers with fact triangles.  We built the parts and then checked the whole.  
Math Workshop and More; The Schroeder Page
Check out all the math fun I have been pinning on Pinterst!  

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Monday, September 1, 2014

My Back to School Adventure

Friends~I am totally on a Back to School adventure! We are on location while our permanent classrooms are in limbo with the electric company.  A local church has allowed us to hold class at their facility until our classrooms are ready.  FINGER CROSSED for THIS WEEK! 
I am literally teaching out of a wagon.  It is hysterical as I watch my fellow teachers wheel in and out. It is defiantly made me realize one thing: I am more important than things.  My kiddos are loving school not because of how cute my classroom is but because of the lessons I have created.  Check out my new firsties below!  We started with a camping theme. 
My Back to School Adventure from The Schroeder Page
We worked all week with their names.  We started making them in playdough, then tracing with dry erase markers, and also bending pipe cleaners.  
They loved their name cards!  I used Hello Fonts in Hello Firstie Big to type their names.  I also had them color their names and we dissected them focusing on tall and short letters, capitals, vowels and consonants.   
I was super excited about how much they loved the flashlight reading.  Totally rocked the nonfiction.
My Back to School Adventure from The Schroeder Page
It all made sense after watching them spot frogs and caterpillars at recess.  Check out this cutie's finds on the playground. 
My Back to School Adventure from The Schroeder PageMy Back to School Adventure from The Schroeder Page

We also practiced self control with bubbles.  If you haven't done this it is a must.  It is so simple to do. Just grab some bubbles.  This is my favorite bubble machine! Just give it a click to check it out. 
My Back to School Adventure from The Schroeder Page
Have your kiddos sit on the floor and the rules are simple.  You start the bubbles and they have to sit criss cross with their hands in their laps.  No talking! Blow bubbles and have the students sit still.  No one can talk or move until the last bubble has popped.  
It is soooooo fun and a great way for them to understand self control. 
My Back to School Adventure from The Schroeder Page

I know this post is long but I have to share 2 more things!  We went fishing and made fishing hats using a glyph!  We played Fishing Swat with foam fish for math number sense.  
My Back to School Adventure from The Schroeder Page
And last!  We measured with SMORES! The students each got a bag filled with 2 white pom poms (Marshmallows) 4 large tan foam squares (Graham Crackers), 8 small brown foam squares (Chocolate), and a straw.  They blew their marshmallow with a straw and them measured the distance with their graham crackers and chocolates.  
My Back to School Adventure from The Schroeder Page

Since I love these 2 activities soooo much you can grab a 3 page freebie to help you get them going in your classroom!  Just click below!
Back to School from The Schroeder Page

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bright Idea: Story Souvenir

Friends~Welcome to another Bright Idea post!  Today I am going to share with you one of my favorite ways to connect home and school.  Story Souvenirs!  They are super easy to do and my students from K-2 have loved them. (So, have their parents!)  
Have you ever gotten your own child home and asked what they did at school and the response was...I don't know or nothing?????  Well, a story souvenir will take care of that in a jiffy!
Yes, story souvenirs are an extra step and sometimes cost a bit but they are so effective!  You can make them as elaborate as you want or as simple as you need.  
Sometimes, I add a poem or a quote from the story. 

We might make a hat in class or I will print off a coloring page of a character.  I try to be consistent in how I send them home so that my parents know what to look for. I simply use a sandwich bag or a gallon bag with a label that reads Story Souvenir: Ask me!
 (This was our Hedgehog hat last year.  I sent it home in a gallon bag.) We read this nonfiction animal book.  
Story Souvenirs can be used with any type of book.  Check out some of my fun examples below!
Swedish fish, Grocho Marx glasses, Cookie Crisp, Crayon Erasers.  
Be sure that is you have a food allergy you stay away from edible souvenirs. 
Bugles(Shark Teeth), dinosaur puzzles ($ Store), plastic spiders ($ Store).  
Once you get going you will be able to come up with tons of possible ideas!
Birthday candles, vampire teeth ($ Store), Dem Bones Candy, Eye Patches ($ Store). 
 I don't do a story souvenir for ever book I read but I try to do one for each theme.  Believe me, once you start the kiddos will remind you! 

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Be sure to head back to the linky and checkout all the other great Bright Ideas! 

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

BTS 2014 YouTube Party and Giveaway

FriendsI am SERIOUSLY excited (and a little bit nervous) about this post. You see, my blogging friends and I at the Primary Chalkboard wanted to do something BIG for back to school for you. When I say big I really mean HUGE!!!!

It's a You Tube Party filled with tons of tips and tricks to get your school year started right!

Now this isn't just any party!  It is also a fantastic giveaway that will make heading back to school just a bit easier.

Would anyone like a.... 

$100 Amazon Gift Card 

$100 TeachersPayTeachers Gift Card

 or A fabulous Michael Kors bag? 

So what do you need to do?

Did you see that?    

 You can EVEN gain EXTRA entries in the giveaway by watching our videos and entering our SECRET WORDS into the Rafflecopte
(but I know you were going to do that anyway, so... 2 birds, 1 stone).

We will be linking up 5 new videos every day this week... so you can come back, watch, and enter every day!

Here is my video tip!  

It is called Individual Celebrations.

 I love praising students 

for extraordinary behavior and kindness.  

Click the video below to see just how easy this can be!

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Friends~In honor of SHARK Week on Discovery Channel, I am going to share some of my most favorite shark lessons and activities! Be sure to check out the different fin cams on the site above. AWESOME!

I like to start with a KWL before we read.  It is always interesting how much background knowledge your student's have on a topic or what information they have that is correct.  Here is a quick tip: Make your KWL on a huge sheet of bulletin board paper in the shape of a shark.  Then pass out white triangles (TEETH) for the students to add their thinking on. Tape the teeth to the KWL.  
Sharks The Schroeder Page
I leave out (Teeth) in our research center during the week.  We add to the learned section as we answer our questions.  We even add questions as we learn. I love keeping it interactive! 

You can even serve bugles (TEETH) while you read a shark book!  They make a great story souvenir for students to take home!
Shark Teeth The Schroeder Page
 I also have collected several shark teeth samples from trips to the beach.  I always place them in the science center for my students to explore and measure. I got the shark teeth pictures from Enchanted Learning.  
Shark Teeth The Schroeder Page

I love the world of sharks!  They are amazing creatures with tons for us to learn about.  One of my favorite books to introduce shark facts is Sharks! by Gail Gibbons.  Her books are always perfect for sharing facts and diagrams in a picture book kind of way.  
Be sure to have a tape measure on hand while you read this because it is so cool to show the students just how long these creatures are as you read.  
After we read this book, we measure the sharks in students.  I love the look on my kiddo's faces when we get to the whale shark!
(I pre measure yarn in the lengths of the sharks below.)  I then lay the yarn out and invite students to lay next to the yarn on the floor.  They fill in the table below.  
Shark Measures The Schroeder Page
I then share this video!

I love this book for my guided reading groups! The pictures are fantastic and the students are always super engaged. 
My kiddos also love my Flipping Fins Math Game.  It is so simple to play.  Just grab some plastic sharks like the ones below.  Print out the center and you are all set.  

Click the picture below to grab a FREE copy of my Flipping Fins Math Game!
Shark Week Freebie
If you are interested in more SHARK fun click on my SHARK file below.  It is filled with more fantastic shark learning fun!

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